Biarritz Surf Gang

Biarritz Surf Gang - French Surf Film
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Biarritz Surf Gang

1 h 04 min

Biarritz, the early 1980s: surfing isn’t so much a sport as it is an anti-social and borderline criminal activity, the passion of a few long-haired local oiks. Then it all changed: like with most extreme sports, counter-culture passed into regular culture, which catalysed surfing’s development into a high-level sport. For the local surf gang, the days of unspoilt coastlines and isolated surf spots were over – now it was media, crowds and pushy tourists. Tensions simmered, but the party lifestyle went on: drugs, booze, sex, and the unstoppable, overarching adrenalin rush of riding some of the world’s best waves. Directors Nathan Curren and Pierre Denoyel know what they’re talking about: Biarritz natives themselves, they were part of the gang thirty years ago and now tell their side of the story with impressive ability and style for first-time filmmakers (neither of them has even made a short film before). At 64 minutes long, Biarritz Surf Gang is the perfect shot in the arm for all you surf fans out there pining for a hint of sea spray – and a fascinating and entertaining romp through the wild lifestyles of pro surfers in the good old days for the rest of us. Orestes Kouzof

Regisseur Nathan Curren & Pierre Denoyel
Laufzeit 1 h 04 min
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Mit: Nabo, Kikette, Sammy, Michel, Jeff Hakman, Laird Hamilton, Tom Curren, tous les autres

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