Die letzten zwei Readers Choice Awards der 40inch hat Landyachtz Skateboards souverän gewonnen. Neben einer großen Anzahl an Downhill- & Freeridedecks, hat Landy in 2014 das Sortiment erheblich erweitert. Es gibt die Kultbretter aus Kanada auch in einer günstigen Linie zu kaufen.

Seit 1997 gibt es Landyachtz nun schon und es sind einige Bilder aus der Anfangszeit und der Entwicklungsphase auf deren Webpage zu sehen.


Landyachtz startete im Herbst 1997 als Michael Perreten und Thomas Edstrand sich an der University of Victoria das erste Mal trafen. They had been friends and skated together in elementary school but had not seen each other in years. Growing up on the Northshore of Vancouver they were exposed to skating steep hills at a very young age. When they ran into each other, Mike was riding a sweet 40″ fiber-glassed board he had made to get around campus. Mike had been living in Whistler and had made some boards in his spare time. Tom had recently been down in California and seen some longboards and wanted to ride one at first site. He was tempted to buy one but thought he could make one instead. Tom was one of those kids that was always drawing and really into art. Mike was very handy and good at building things. They decided to team up and started making some personal rides in Tom’s basement. You wouldn’t believe how much time went into some of the first boards they made.


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