Die Blood Orange crew stellt die neue Alpine Series vor. Schaut was Brandon, Liam, und Jordan +ber die neuen Wheels erzählen.

Die Alpine Series ist for high-speed Lines und Slides ohne Kontrollverlust designed worden. Zusammen mit den Teamfahrern ist die neue Mountain Pass Formula (MPF) für das ulitmative Downhill entwickelt worden. Hierfür wurden vorhandene, bewährte Shapes verbessert. Viel Spaß beim Video.

Film/Edit: Jack Boston

Blood Orange Product Profile: Alpine Series Wheels from Blood Orange on Vimeo.




Recently Joey Nickell traveled to the West Coast to slay some well known gems with his distinct East Coast style. Tom from Santa Gnarbara busted out the cameras to capture the action! Check out this kids smooth and clean style!

Film/Edit: Tom Flinchbaugh
Song: Straighten It Out – Pete Rock & CL Smooth

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We’re extremely excited to announce the release of the new Blood Orange Alpine Series Wheel!

The Alpine Series is designed for high-speed lines and predictable drifts without sacrificing traction. With expert input from our team riders, we developed our exclusive Mountain Pass Formula (MPF) to provide the ultimate downhill wheel for the days you just feel like going fast. We modified our proven core design to increase support throughout the wheel, which promotes high roll speeds, even wear, and a consistent feel!

Check out your favorite retailer to pick up a set!



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